Build an FPV Quadcopter

How to build a high-quality quadcopter for flying FPV.

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An Introduction to FPV

See the world from the perspective of a bird in flight.

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The Physics of Quadcopter Flight

While flying your multirotor, it is very important to understand how the multirotor moves and how we control it.

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Selecting a Camera for FPV

Many parts go into an FPV system:  a video transmitter, a video receiver, a viewing device, an optional on-screen display device, two different power sources, two different electrical systems, and, of course, a camera.  Of all the parts on this list, the most... read more

An Introduction to FPV

We all know humans can’t fly. Our bones are far too dense and flapping our arms does not produce adequate lift to overcome the pull of gravity, but luckily we can use technology to give us the experience of flying. I’m not talking about flying in airplanes... read more

Adding LED Lights to Your Multirotor

Almost everything looks more futuristic with multicolored LEDs attached to it. This is certainly true of multirotor aircraft. But putting LEDs on your multirotor will not only make it look really cool, but also it will serve a practical purpose. When flying,... read more

Product Review: Rotor Bits

As you probably know, there are many different types of multirotor. All multirotors share a similar set of parts:  a flight controller, some motors, some props, a battery, and some ESCs. Different multirotor designs have different numbers of motors, but the general... read more

Assembling the Rotor Bits Servo Mount

If you have read The Physics of Quadcopter Flight, you know that one of the interesting issues with multirotor design and control is a phenomenon called induced yaw. Basically, when you have a bunch of propellers spinning while the multirotor is airborne, the friction... read more

News: The Amazon Drone Store Opens Today

Remember a few months ago when Amazon announced it’s theoretical new delivery service that would use drones to fly packages to customers in 30 minutes or less? They called the service Amazon Prime Air. Remember how everybody thought this was a fairly interesting... read more

Common Flight Controller Features

Flight controllers range in price from $30 to $300 or more and each of the many, many different flight controllers on the market has its own set of features. While many flight controllers, especially those on the higher end of the price range, have proprietary... read more

Types of Multirotor

As I write this, I am embarking on building my second multirotor. When I first started learning about multirotors, I, like many beginner multirotor pilots, focused on quadcopters, which is just one of many types of multirotor. I built my very own SK450 Dead Cat... read more

Quadcopter Maths

As discussed in the previous guide, a multirotor flight controller is able to ascertain the position and orientation of the craft based on data from its onboard sensors. In order to make the multirotor change its position and/or orientation, the flight controller... read more

Maximizing Multirotor Battery Life

Battery life is perhaps the greatest limitation for multirotors. Even with a very large, heavy, and expensive high-capacity battery, most multirotor aircraft will struggle to get ten minutes of flight time. Now, even five minutes of flight time seems much longer when... read more

Maximizing Multirotor Video Quality

If you are at all interested in doing aerial videography (and it is a great hobby that I would certainly encourage you to try) your biggest challenge is going to be optimizing the quality of your videos. Maximizing multirotor video quality is synonymous with... read more

Understanding Transmitter Modes

Mode 1 or Mode 2, that is the question that many first-time multirotor pilots face when selecting radio transmitters and it is the first question we will address in this tutorial before moving on to discussing radio transmitter channels. Transmitter Modes Radio... read more