Build an FPV Quadcopter

How to build a high-quality quadcopter for flying FPV.

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An Introduction to FPV

See the world from the perspective of a bird in flight.

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The Physics of Quadcopter Flight

While flying your multirotor, it is very important to understand how the multirotor moves and how we control it.

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Selecting Multirotor Batteries

Multirotor aircraft are powered by Lithium Polymer batteries. Before we get to the process of choosing a battery, let’s take a moment to talk about what a Lithium Polymer battery is and why this particular battery technology is used in multirotors. About Lithium... read more

Selecting ESCs for Your Multirotor

After selecting props and motors, you are probably a bit tired of making complex and important design decisions. Well good news, choosing an ESC is easy. Before we get to the easy part though, I just want to take a moment to explain what an ESC is. What is an ESC? ESC... read more

Selecting Motors for Your Multirotor

Selecting the best combination of components for your quadcopter is a long and complex process; if you have spent much time reading the other guides on this site, you are probably getting sense of this fact. And as one of the most important components on your... read more

Selecting Props for Your Multirotor

I have decided to spend the next week or so writing some posts covering basic design decisions for choosing multirotor components. Multirotors have many different parts, each of which is available in a number of different models. Choosing the correct mix of components... read more

A Flight Controller’s View of the World

Flight controllers are the metaphorical brains inside every multirotor aircraft. They handle all of the functions related to keeping the multirotor stably airborne and executing commands from the pilot. Flight controllers have a complicated, multi-faceted job: they... read more

The Physics of Quadcopter Flight

I believe that when embarking on any project, especially one as complex as multirotor construction and piloting, it is useful to have an understanding of the theoretical underpinnings involved. So, when building and flying multirotors, I think it is valuable to have... read more