Quanum Venture Quadcopter Owner’s Manual PDF

by | Aug 19, 2015 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

Recently I’ve been working on building my Quanum Venture FPV quadcopter, and writing up some posts and tutorials to help others build the quadcopter with less difficulty than I encountered. Before I ever started the assembly process though, as I was researching the Quanum Venture quadcopter and comparing it to competing designs, I was disappointed to find that the owner’s manual is not posted anywhere on the HobbyKing or Quanum websites. I think most people don’t look up the owner’s manual as part of the process of researching products they are interested in purchasing; however, I like to read the owner’s manual when deciding what to buy because reading the owner’s manual can give you good idea about how easy, or how difficult and frustrating, the product will be to start using. This is especially true of products which must be assembled, like the Quanum Venture quadcopter. Products with good designs and well-written owner’s manual are usually very easy to assemble, the process can even be fun. On the other hand, even when a product is intelligently designed, a bad owner’s manual can make assembly an incredibly aggravating process.

Anyway, I thought I would post the Quanum Venture owner’s manual here in case anybody wants it when researching the Quanum Venture quadcopter, or, of course, if anybody is attempting to assemble the quadcopter without the manual. This manual is included in paper form with the Quanum Venture quadcopter.


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