News: The Amazon Drone Store Opens Today

by | Sep 9, 2014 | news | 0 comments

Remember a few months ago when Amazon announced it’s theoretical new delivery service that would use drones to fly¬†packages to customers in 30 minutes or less? They called the service Amazon Prime Air. Remember how everybody thought this was a fairly interesting idea that nobody expected to see any time in the next few decades? Well, it turns out Amazon is even more interested in drone technology than we thought.

The Amazon Drone Store

Amazon just launched a new, only slightly less moonshot-like drone-related service, its new Drone Store. The new store not only sells aircraft, accessories, parts, and other multirotor products from the likes of DJI and Tarrot, but the store also has guides, tips, previews, and other educational materials (like here on Black Tie Aerial!).

Amazon is probably being a bit optimistic here – and that’s coming from a site dedicated to multirotors – but still, for some people the Amazon Drone Store might be a very good way to dive into the world of multirotors while staying within the safe confines of a trusted online vendor. But we applaud every effort to bring multirotor technology to the masses, especially an effort from a huge company like Amazon.

Amazon Drone store screenshot

The Amazon Drone store