Hello, my name is Toglefritz

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Hello, my name is Toglefritz.

About me, Scott Hatfield (a.k.a. Toglefritz)

Going where no multirotor has gone before (yet), underwater.

That’s not my real name, obviously; my real name is Scott Hatfield, but on the Internet I use the nom de plume, Toglefritz. I like to make things and I like to share my work with others. I created this site when I got into multirotor design and construction about two years ago. When I was working on my first multirotor, an SK450 Dead Cat quadcopter, I was frustrated by the lack of comprehensive tutorials and information available online. In other words, it is hard to find a single place that describes the entire process of building multirotor aircraft. Instead, multirotor enthusiasts like me have to spend hours scouring the Internet for bits and pieces of information from dozens of different sites. Even the instruction manuals that are included with multirotor components are often incomplete and lacking in detail.

So, anyway, I created this site to provide the best multirotor tutorials, and other information, available. Here on Black Tie Aerial I post videos, photos, tutorials, tips, designs, reviews, news, and as much else as I can fit into my schedule.